We have every reason to vote Governor Inuwa Again”, Cham Traditional Leaders Declare.

Traditional rulers from Cham Chiefdom in Balanga Local Government Area of Gombe state have reaffirmed support for Governor Muhammadu Yahaya of Gombe state.

They said their unalloyed support was premised on the massive road infrastructure and other dividends of democracy enjoyed by their people.

Addressing newsmen in Cham Community on Tuesday, the Nidu Grah Cham, Dr James Chachis, said the people of the Chiefdom had benefitted a lot from the road projects which connect several villages in the area.

Dr. Chachis who is the Chairman, Cham Traditional Council, said “we are solidly behind His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya because of the things he has done in our domain and also the political appointments he gave to our sons and daughters.

“The governor has not denied us roads and political appointments, so why should we deny the governor our supports? the royal father asked.

“All of us collectively including my village and district heads and the youth, are in support of His Excellency’s incredible performance”

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, the district of Tiksir ,Ezekiel Luka, said the wellbeing of the people of their various districts plying the newly constructed roads had been improved, expressing gratitude to the governor for his avowed commitment to transform Cham Chiefdom.

Mr. Luka appealed to the state government to extend the road from Mwona to Bambam to link up the communities and improve movement within the axis.

On his part, Monday Shuwan, the village head of Mwona who represented the 12 village heads in the Chiefdom, said they would support Gov Yahaya to continue delivering on the dividends of democracy.

While appreciating the governor for the road project intervention, Youth Leader of Cham Chiefdom, Mr. Yohanna paid glowing tribute to Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for redefining the true essence of leadership by being steadfast and true to his campaign promises.

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Vote of Confidence: Kaltungo Chiefdom Meets, Applauds Gov. Inuwa Yahaya over Good Governance.

…Pledges Unflinching Support for the Governor

Kaltungo Chiedom has declared that it is solidly behind Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya and will continue to give his administration maximum support.

The Mai Kaltungo, His Royal Highness, Engineer Saleh Mohammed gave the indication during a meeting of traditional Council and other stakeholders in his palace.

The Mai Kaltungo said he summoned title holders in his palace for a feast to thank God for a blessed wet season, relative peace and monumental development in Kaltungo chiefdom.

Th monarch said feasting with other traditional leaders will also serve as an avenue for the chiefdom to receive feedback from respective community leaders, review and assess developments on how the area has fared in the last 2 years of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s administration in Gombe state.

“As we all know, yields from our farms are due for consumption and sales in our communities as such our tradition demands that we meet and eat together with our subjects at the palace before everyone begins to eat his or her farm produce with family members; that is why we feel the need to use the feast assembly to review our community’s situation in Kaltungo as far as governance in Gombe state is concerned,” he said.

The Mai Kaltungo while commending Governor Yahaya, said the monumental development being witnessed in Kaltungo Chiefdom and Gombe state in general is not unexpected because of his rich background as administrator and politician.

He added that the bountiful harvest witnessed in Kaltungo Chiefdom is not unconnected with the improved security situation in the environment which allowed farmers to go to farming unmolested.

“We all know what the security situation is in the country right now, but we thank God that Governor Inuwa Yahaya has been able to maintain relative peace in the entire state to allow for growth and development. We are happy for this and we commend him for his efforts,” he said.

The traditional ruler told the media that road construction project such as the one that passes through Billiri-Kamo- Awak and Dogon ruwa communities and upgrade in Kaltungo General hospital and other PHCs of several Kaltungo Communities are worthy of Commendation.

“The feedback from our community leaders today indicated the satisfaction of our people on the manner this government operates and the direction of my subjects is my direction that is why I want to make it clear that Kaltungo Chiefdom is solidly behind this government”.

Some district heads and other chieftaincy title holders who made submissions during the stakeholders engagement said education sector is also witnessing a rapid transformation through construction and expansion of schools, especially upgrading of Government secondary school Bangunji to a mega school by Gombe state government.

They said construction of Lalaipido bridge in Shongom community which claimed lives over the years by Inuwa Yahaya government is quite commendable.

“Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has restored the dignity of our local governments and put them on track unlike in the past when some of them could not pay salaries from their coffers”.

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Kolmani Oilfield: Gombe Signs MoU with Rift Petroleum Company to Drive Maximum Benefits From Hydrocarbon, Other Energy Sources in the State.

Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Yahaya says more than ever before, the need to extract the discovered oil and gas in the Kolmani oilfield has become more imperative, especially with the signing of the Petroleum Industry Act and the clamour by some states to collect and retain the Value Added Tax, VAT.

Governor Yahaya stated this during the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding( MoU) between Gombe State Government and Rift Oil and Petroleum Company on exploring maximum benefits from commercial discovery of hydrocarbon in Kolmani site and other energy sources. The Oil and Petroleum Company is to serve as consultants and lead the state to explore the maximum benefits from the oil and gas resources found in the State. The Governor, expressed bitterness when some elements consider the North as parasites despite the abundant minerals in the region.

He blamed lack of political will to explore the abundant mineral resources in the state for the benefit of the people on the part of previous administrations.

The Governor also disclosed that his administration, having actualized its vision into developmental policies and programmes, has been taking delibrate steps to open the state for industrial advancement through colloboration with genuine investors aimed at harnessing its God-given endowments for the benefit of the people.

He explained that he had severally engaged with President Muhammadu Buhari on the need to put pressure on NNPC and other relevant agencies and organisations to expedite action, expressing confidence in the ability of Rift Oil and Petroleum Company to deliver on the terms, considering its track record in the Oil and Gas industry.

“The need for us to explore and get maximum benefit from our God-given natural endowments is imperative now having realised how much ground we have lost in that direction”.

Governor Yahaha further explained that benefits from such huge investment to the state and country cannot be quantified, citing the signing of MoU with NNPC on development of biofuels in the state, the 16.4 billion naira Muhammadu Buhari Industrial Park and the proposal by Madugu cement to establish a cement factory in Kembu and Kwali if Akko and Yamaltu Debe LGAs as indication of Gombe State’s vision and readiness in investment drive.

Governr Yahaya therefore appealed to the host communities of these Industries to cooperate and support goverment and the Investors for their smooth take off and operations, adding that steps are being taken to avoid the negative experiences associated with oil and gas.

Earlier, the Executive Chairman of Rift Oil and Petroleum Company Limited, Engineer Rabiu Suleiman who briefed the Governo and made elaborate presentation on history and politics of oil exploration in the northern part of Nigeria, assured that the Hydrocarbon deposits discovered in the Kolmani site is of large commercial quantity.

Engineer Suleiman said Gombe state stands to benefit tremendously in terms of jobs and wealth creation as well as infrastructural development in addittion to enhanced commercial activities.

He also explained that the MOU signed and other engagements on the projects will fully capture the interest of the host communities and government to avoid the experience of the Niger Delta people.

Ismaila Uba Misilli
( Press Affairs)
Government House

Gombe South APC Stakeholders Present Certificate of Vote of Confidence to Gov. Inuwa Yahaya.

..As Governor Vows to Champion Industrial Revolution For Socio-economic Development of Gombe State

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya says his administration will continue to explore meaningful and realistic avenues that will put the State on a trajectory of sustainable development and ensure the spread of social and infrastructural prosperity to the people of Gombe South and by extension the entire State.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya gave this indication when he played host to the All Progressives Congress, APC stakeholders from Gombe South Senatorial District who paid him a solidarity visit at the Government House.

The Gombe South APC stakeholders, led by the Senator representing the zone, Sen. Bulus K. Amos were at the government House to present a certificate of ‘Vote of Confidence” passed on the governor during the last Saturday’s APC stakeholders meeting in Kaltungo over his commitment in putting the zone and the state on the pedestal of development across key sectors of the economy.

Honored and elated by the visit, Governor Yahaya expressed gratitude to the forum for recognizing his administration’s developmental strides, describing his endorsement by Gombe south senatorial district as a pointer that the zone is satisfied with his performance in the 2 year journey of his government.

He recalled that during the electioneering campaign, his burning desire as always, was for his administration to spread real time prosperity to the people so as to enthrone dignity, Justice and equality among the people.

“So far I can say what we did that warranted this special recognition was the implementation of the promises we made to the people and I am happy to note that even those people that live directly in Gombe south know that ever since Gombe State was created in 1996, no Government had ever within 2 years put in that much to better the lives of the people in the zone like our administration has done”.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya noted that the essence of Government is to bring development to the people and secure their lives and property to guarantee a peaceful and harmonious society where everyone can harness their God-given potentials.

He stressed that his administration will not develop cold feet in putting the yearnings and aspirations of the people above any other primordial interests, assuring the people of Gombe south that this is just the beginning of more good things to come.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya said despite the distinctive differences that exist among the 3 Senatorial Districts in the State, there lies a unique gift each of the zones can be proud of, thereby exploring it as a comparative advantage to the benefit of all.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya said with the exception of the Dadinkowa Dam, the Balanga and Cham Dams, both in Gombe south, can be effectively transformed to spread prosperity to the people such as the Kadawa dam in Kano State.

The Governor expressed dismay over the inability of the Balanga Dam to generate wealth for the people despite the 45 million pounds loan facility invested in the dam some 4 decades ago.

He remarked that his administration had to take advantage of the 40 megawatts capacity Dadinkowa multi purpose dam to site the Muhammadu Buhari Industrial park which will facilitate the take off of several industries thereby providing job opportunities for the younger ones.

He assured the people of Gombe south that his administration is in talks with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to establish an agricultural processing zone and a mini hydro dam.

“With this alone, this Government has so far expended close to 50 million naira just to prepare the grounds on which the investors can come and do the feasibility studies”.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya maintained that his administration is keen towards building a Gombe south that can be a clearing house for not only food production but as a hub for Agro allied industries.

The Governor also sought the support and cooperation of the people, especially the elites to join forces with the government in order to achieve the task.

“Whatever we are doing, the ordinary man has that high hope in us and the expectations are high; so we shall continue to work hard to make sure our people benefit from God’s endowed resources which we have them in abundance”

He said it will be counter-productive if the younger generation are educated and eventually find nothing to engage themselves, saying such youths can one day turn out to be social defiants in the hands of merchants of destruction.

It was for this reason that the Governor said his administration will champion an industrial revolution across the State to ensure the economic emancipation of the people.

Earlier, the Senator representing Gombe South Senatorial District, Sen. Bulus Amos who led the APC stakeholders, said the certificate of Vote of Confidence presented to Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya was a fall out of the Saturday’s meeting in which the forum unanimously endorsed the Governor’s incredible performance in the zone and the State at large.

He described the Governor as a goal getter and a promise keeper whose political ideology and disposition are driven by passion, administrative sagacity and determination to always take development to the door steps of the people.

The Senator said never in the history of the State had billions of naira been spent in Gombe south to bring meaningful development to the people of the zone.

It was for this reason that Senator Bulus Amos informed the Governor that the people of Gombe south will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with him and his leadership so that his second term bid can be realized with utmost ease.

On the delegation were members of Gombe State House of Assembly, Chairman of APC State Caretaker Executive Committee, SSG, and other political appointees, local government Chairmen as well as other critical stakeholders from the zone.

Ismaila Uba Misilli
( Press Affairs)
Government House

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Constituency Outreach: ‘We’re Committed to doing those things that will improve the lives of our people, Gombe Governor Says.

…As State Lawmaker, Hon. Saddam Bello Distributes Cars, Motorcycles, Other Items to Constituents

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has assured the people of Gombe State that the APC-led administration under his watch will continue to consolidate on the giant strides so far recorded in the last two years in the areas of infrastructure and human capital development for the benefit of the citizenry.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya gave the assurance while speaking at the distribution of empowerment items facilited by the member representing Funakaye North in the Gombe State House of Assembly, Hon. Saddam Bello Saleh at Bajoga.

The Governor noted that citizens tend to appreciate the true essence of leadership when leaders cultivate the habit of doing those things that can improve the lives of the people, saying “this is where we stand’.

He said his administration will continue to accord priority to policies and programmes that have direct bearing on the life of the common man, urging elected officials and political appointees to also strive in impacting on the lives of the electorate in whatever way they can.

The Governor, noted that the empowerment programme initiated by Hon. Saddam Bello falls in line with the All Progressives Congress, APC manifesto of meeting the social and economic yearnings and aspirations of the people.

He said the time has come for the APC in the State to flaut its life changing interventions for every one to see and therefore called on the people of Funakaye North not to hesitate in returning the favour by staying true to the leadership qualities of Hon. Saddam Bello.

” What Hon. Saddam Bello has done today is indeed remarkable and he has demonstrated act of generosity and true representation. With donation of 50 motorcycles, 50 grinding machines, 50 sewing machines and 5 cars worth millions of Naira, the member has indeed demonstrated uncommon benevolence and he deserves commendation from us all and reciprocity from the people he represents “.

The Governor added that members of the All Progressives Congress in the State are hapoy with the spirit of giving displayed by the Honourable member to bring succour to the people of his Constituency.

The Speaker, Gombe State House of Assembly, Hon. Abubakar Mohammed Luggerewo said the empowerment scheme could not have come at a better time when Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya is taking pragmatic steps towards putting the State on the pedestal of sustainable development.

He said under the leadership of Governor Inuwa Yahaya, the State has witnessed social, economic and infrastructural development with direct links to the yearnings and aspirations of the common man.

He congratulated Hon. Saddam Bello for initiating the scheme which he said will go a long way to changing the social and economic status of the people.

Initiator of the empowerment programme, Hon.Saddam Bello Saleh thanked the APC for giving him the platform upon which he is now contributing his qouta to the growth and development of his community and humanity in general.

He explained that he initiated the programme with the aim of alleviating poverty and improving the well-being of his constituents in support of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s effort in that direction.

Hon. Saddam Bello, who is the Deputy Majority Leader in the Gombe State House of Assembly said the empowerment programme would not have been possible without the support of Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s intervention which led to the acquisition of 50 each of motorcycles, sewing and grinding machines as well as 5 motor vehicles.

He commended the Governor for creating a condusive atmosphere for the conduct of a free and fair election in the just concluded ward and Local Government congresses.

He said the people of Funakaye Local Government Area are in full support of his administration’s policies and programmes and will continue to remain steadfast in that regard.

He also applauded Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for institutionalising a framework that led to the increase in Internally Generated Revenue IGR of the State, saying such development places Gombe on path of sustainable growth, especially with the clamour among some states on retention of Value Added Tax, VAT.

Also speaking, the Majority leader in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Hon. Tijjani Aliyu said such empowerment Schemes cannot be possible without a purpose driven leadership.

He therefore commend the Governor for setting the example upon which the initiator of the empowerment scheme drew inference.

The Emir of Funakaye, Mu’azu Abubakar Kwairanga thanked Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for executing projects that have direct bearing on the lives of the people of his domain as well as for his administration’s efforts towards maintaining the prevailing peace in the State.

The royal father equally used the occasion to appeal to the Governor to trigger machinery that will lead to the full accreditation of the State Polytechnic Bajoga.

Others who spoke in support of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya nay the empowerment programme included the state’s Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Zubair Muhammad Umar, Chairman of Funakaye Local Government Council, Ibrahim Adamu Cheldu and the Local Government APC Chairman, Zitu Tongo.

Ismaila Uba Misilli
( Press Affairs)
Government House

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Gombe Governor Attends Funeral Prayer ( Janazah) of Late Ahmad (Khalifa) Sagir.

Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has led a delegation, including government functionaries and APC stalwarts to attend the funeral prayer ( Janazah) of a die-hard supporter of the ruling party, Ahmad ( Khalifa) Muhammad Sagir.

Khalifa died earlier today as a result of injuries he sustained when he fell-off from a moving vehicle conveying sound system enroute Bajoga, Funakaye Local Government Area for an event that the Governor was attending.

Governor Yahaya, who had directed the ambulance on his convoy to disengage and immediately rush the victim to the state Specialists Hospital emergency medical attention, lamented his demise, describing it as heart wrenching.

He described the young party faithful as a respectful, hard working and committed fellow who was known for his die-hard support for APC and Governor Yahaya’s project.

The Governor commiserated with the father of the deceased, Malam Muhammad Sagir and the entire family as well as APC leadership, praying Almighty Allah to forgive his shortcomings and grant him Aljannat Firdaus.

The Governor had to cut short his speech at the occasion, and put on hold other engagements at Bajoga in honour of the deceased.

Ismaila Uba Misilli
( Press Affairs)
Government House

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Gombe South: APC stakeholders meets endorses Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s incredible performance.

Pledges support, loyalty to his administration.

An enlarge stakeholders meeting of the All Progressives Congress APC in Gombe South Senatorial District have endorsed Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s incredible performance in the last years in the zone, declaring him as a pragmatic leader who is passionate on the social economic and infrastructural development of the State.

Setting the tone at the stakeholders meeting in Kaltungo the chairman of the occasion Senator Joshua Lidani appreciated Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for Identifying with the yearnings and aspirations of the people of Gombe south Senatorial district and the State in general.

He said the performance of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has vindicated his campaign promises which seeks to place the entire State on the trajectory of sustainable development both in terms of human and infrastructural advancement.

“I took time off to drive through some landmark road construction by the administration of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya like the Mona and Tallasse Dong, Reme Degri road in Balanga the Tula Yiri road in Kaltungo, Ladongor, kwiba, Sabonlayi Ayaba road in Billiri and the construction of a long abandoned wash away bridge in Shongom, these are projects that have direct bearing on the lives of the people”.

He equally describe the Governor’s intervention in health as it relates to the award of over 1.6 billion naira contract for the remodeling of Kaltungo General hospital into a special referral hospital as one effort that will transform the health landscape of the zone.

“Having pass the exams set by the people of Gombe South in terms of delivering the dividend of democracy, we have no option than to ask you to proceed to the next level”.

He assured Governor Inuwa Yahaya that APC stakeholders in the zone will unanimously amass its energy towards supporting his administration’s policies and programmes and ultimately stand shoulder to shoulder with him when the time comes for him to move to the next level.

The Senator representing Gombe South Senatorial District Senator Bulus Amos said by all estimation Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has performed excellently well in providing infrastructures that have direct bearing on the live of the common man of Gombe South and the entire State.

“I think the numerous projects dotted across the length and breadth of Gombe South speaks for itself and so it is only normal for men and women of goodwill like myself to religiously support the Governor to continue with his incredible performance”.

In the same the vain the member representing Kaltungo/Shongom Federal Constituency Simon Elisha Karu called on the people of Gombe south to set their priorities right by aligning their political aspirations to the administration of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya describing his achievements in the last two years as beyond expectations.

He said the Governor has performed credibly well in infrastructural development, social and economic reforms as well as projecting the potentials of the State as a one stop shop for prospective investors.

Similarly the Secretary to the Gombe State Government Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi explains that the social and economic plans the administration of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has for the State is more a long term than short, referencing the Gombe Industrial park which when completed can employ over ten thousand people.

In their goodwill messages, the majority leader in the Gombe State House of Assembly Yerima Ladan and the chairmen of Kaltungo Shongom Balanga and Billiri Local Government Areas as well as the newly decamped political heavyweight Achana Gayus all described Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya as an enigma of development and a social crusader.

The APC stakeholders meeting later paid homage to the Mai Kaltungo Engr Sale Mohammed to intimate him of their resolutions.

Responding the Mai Kaltungo Engr Sale Mohammed thanked the stakeholders for the visit saying it is only normal for any group to identify with the incredible performance of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya.

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On Saturday 18th September, 2021Stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC)held an historic Town Hall Meeting at the Government Girls Arts Secondary School Kaltungo (Former WTC Kaltungo), during which, the performance of the ruling APC Government under the able stewardship of His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, in terms of delivery of his Campaign Promises in Gombe South Senatorial District was critically assessed and evaluated.

  1.     At the end of the painstaking assessment and evaluation, the following resolutions were made:-

i.             That, we the entire members of the All Progressives Congress, Gombe South Senatorial District, having fully assessed, evaluated and acknowledged the unprecedented level of development, high level appointments and countless dividends of democracy brought to the zone by the APC led Government in Gombe State under the stewardship of His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, the Governor of Gombe State, within a very short period of two years, do hereby declare our unanimous, sincere  and total confidence on His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya the Governor of Gombe State, and equally proclaim him as a man of fulfillment, accomplishment, integrity, honesty, magnanimity, patriotic stewardship, trustworthiness, sincerity of purpose, piety and selfless service to humanity.
ii. Accordingly, the APC and indeed its entire followership in Gombe South Senatorial District- men, women, young and old have on this day, the 18th of September, 2021 passed a Vote of Confidence on His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, the Governor of Gombe State for his laudable achievements in the areas of peace and security, infrastructural, social, and economic development of Gombe South Senatorial District. Specific mention must be made of the following achievements:  Road Networks: Talasse-Dong-Reme-Degri; Mararraba Kwarge-Mwona (Balanga LGA); Bambam-Yiri (Kaltungo LGA); Sansani-Ayaba (Billiri LGA), remodeling of General Hospital, Kaltungo and the Snake-bite Hospital Kaltungo;  construction of Farm Training Centres across all LGA’s in the South Senatorial District and remodeling of GSSS Kaltungo (Lakanje), to mention but a few
iii. We strongly appreciate the giant and unprecedented developmental strides being witnessed in Gombe State under the able leadership of His Excellency, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya in all facets of human endeavour in these challenging times and also commend his avowed commitment to the sustenance of peace and security in our dear state.
iv.  All members of our great party are proud to be associated with the successes of the APC-led administration under the exemplary leadership of His Excellency Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya in addressing the long-standing infrastructural deficits throughout the state, entrenching inclusive growth and development, and pursuing all-encompassing reforms in the public sector for improved service delivery. We particularly note with great pride how His Excellency successfully and unprecedentedly put Gombe State on the global map by making our dear state the number one state in Ease of Doing Business among the 36 states and the FCT.

v.  As Leaders of the Party we have recognised the sincerity of His Excellency Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, to unite all members of our party, we unanimously resolved to support him by working assiduously to promote unity, stability and peace among all members of our great party and the state at large.
vi. We are deeply concerned by the recent antics of some elements within our party and in some quarters in the name of opposition to cause discord and rancour amongst members of our party and we hereby appeal to all our members to ignore these merchants of discord and remain steadfast in their commitment and loyalty to the party and government.
vii. We assure all loyal members of our great party that His Excellency will continue to carry everyone along, as he has been doing for the past two years, as evidenced in the appointment of numerous sons and daughters of Gombe South into key positions in his administration.
3. Finally, while congratulating His Excellency and all members of our great party over the successful rancour-free Ward and Local Government Party congresses, we appeal to all our members to continue to demonstrate high level of solidarity and unity during the upcoming State congresses and national convention.


Gombe Governor Pays Condolence Visit to Justice Hamma Barka Over Wife’s Death.

Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya earlier today paid a condolence visit to Justice Hamma Barka over the demise of his wife, Mrs. Safiya H. Barka.

A retired nurse, who served at the state Specialists Hospital and later Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Mrs Safiya Barka died at the age of 62, after a brief illness.

Commiserating with the Justice of the Court of Appeal, the Governor described the late Mrs Safiya as a great woman, family pillar and humanist who impacted positively on her children and community both during her service days as a health worker and in retirement.

He said her demise is a great loss, not only to her immediate family but the State in general, consoling her husband, Justice Hamma Barka and the entire family to take solace in the fact that the late Mrs Safiya lived a life of service to God and humanity.

The Governor prayed for the repose the soul of the deceased and for God to grant the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Responding, Justice Barka thanked Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for identifying with his family in their moment of grief, saying the visit demonstrated the Governor’s love and kindness to his family. He prayed God to reward him abundantly.

Ismaila Uba Misilli
( Press Affairs)
Government House

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Kaltungo Snakebite hospital: SDGs delegation visit facility preparatory to upgrade.

In preparation to the commencement of work for the upgrade of Kaltungo Snakebite Hospital to a Research Centre, a delegation from the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs led by Dr, Ibrahim Jalo Daudu has visited the Hospital for a final lap of assessment of the facility.

The delegation was at instance of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on SDG’s Mrs Adejoke Orelope Adefulire.

The Dr. Daudu led delegation tour existing facilities at the hospital and also inspected a plot of land where new structures are expected to be constructed.

He also inspected the newly installed solar powered Borehole provided by the SDG’s that would serve as source of water for the world class Project.

It would be recalled that the SDG’s team of experts were in Kaltungo barely three weeks ago on an assessment and site seeing of the Hospital.

The delegation was accompanied on the inspection visit by the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya on SDGs Bashir Tukur, some staffs of the Goals as well as the representative of the constructing firm Mr. Remi.

Joshua Danmalam I.O SSG’s Office.

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